In order to speed up the process of valuation of your inquiry, please provide as many parameters as possible necessary for its proper carrying out.
This information is needed, especially for serial and repetitive orders because it is then that there is the possibility of precise optimization for the lowest - competitive price.
We divide valuations into:

  • simple regarding individual technologies (valuation of individual services)
  • complex regarding a service consisting of several technologies (based on entrusted documentation)
  • submitted together with the design (we create the documentation necessary to perform the service)
  • cooperative services (from design to delivery of the finished product)

Below is a list of parameters relevant to the valuation of individual technologies:

  • drawing - in DWG or DXF file (PDF is possible for simple shapes),
  • the type of material to be cut,
  • own or entrusted material,
  • number of cut elements at one time,
  • one-time or recurring order, and from time to time,
  • expected minimum valuation and implementation date,

Inquiries about a quote should be sent via the contact form or directly to the following email: