Design, prototyping CAD 2D/3D and CAM

We are ready for production based on technical documentation received from the customer. We can also design the product from scratch. Our engineers, constructors and technologists help transform the client's idea into a ready project. We make technical documentation necessary in the production process. Then we prepare a prototype.



Laser cutting 2D/3D

We perform laser cutting services on the Salvagnini L3 Fiber Laser. This is a modern fiber laser, it is fast, accurate and has low energy requirements. Thanks to this, the sheet metal cutting services that we perform for our clients maintain high quality and attractive price. Custom sheet metal laser cutting can be a stand-alone service, but thanks to the capabilities of our factory, we can offer further processing of cut parts.



Combo punching and stamping

We are constantly developing, modernizing our machine park and increasing production capacity. Therefore, our plant could not miss a device combining the possibilities of laser cutting with a punching machine. The use of modern equipment in combo technology allows you to use all the advantages of laser cutting and punching, which translates into high quality and speed of production.



Revolver punching

The use of the Finn Power turret press for punching sheet metal increases our productivity. The large number of tools available, the simultaneous installation of many tools and the saving of time needed to change the machine allows you to make simple and more complex parts quickly and cheaply. For our customers, this means lower costs and shorter lead times, as well as the ability to complete virtually any order.



Plastic processing

In our plant, we provide basic plastic processing services: such as cutting, milling and bending, but also hot air welding using Leister equipment. The parts made of plexiglass or PVC that we have prepared can be combined with the metal parts produced. In this way we guarantee that the details will match and the end product will be of high quality.



Sheet plastic processing

We provide comprehensive processing of steel, stainless and non-ferrous metal sheets. For bending sheet metal, we use Safan CNC servoelectric press brakes equipped with the best Wila tools to ensure precision of sheet bending and high quality finish. Regardless of the size of the order, many years of experience guarantee the highest quality sheet bending services.




As part of a versatile production service, we offer turning and milling services on universal machine tools. The possibility of making turned or milled parts on site allows you to optimize production time and costs. In combination with laser cutting, plastic forming and welding, we have the opportunity to offer comprehensive services in the field of commissioned production.



Welding, heat sealling

Our welding capabilities include TIG, MIG / MAG, MMA and gas welding with the 311 method. We weld: all types of steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel alloys. We offer spot, butt and line welding of elements from most types of steel. After welding, we also process joined surfaces - grinding and polishing.



Cold joining

Our offer could not miss a cold metal joining service. In the production process we use radial riveting technology and connection with blind rivets and rivets. Connections made in this way are durable, economical and aesthetic, they enable joining various materials together. Depending on the needs, riveting is performed using different types of rivets: sleeve or shank rivets. We perform this cold joining service on virtually any type of sheet metal - galvanized, black, varnished and others - in the range of 0.5-20 mm.



Powder painting

For the finishing of metal surfaces we use the proven dry powder coating method. We have a modern powder paint shop, which allows high-quality painting of even the most complex details. We place great emphasis on the chemical surface preparation process. For this purpose, we use washing and protecting elements varnished with nanoceramic undercoat, which guarantee high-quality final effect. This process ensures long-term resistance to weather conditions. At the client's request, we also provide galvanizing and phosphising services.



Assembly and packaging

We have a separate area ensuring proper conditions for the assembly of finished products. For our customers, we assemble finished products not only from metal elements. We have experience in the assembly of products consisting of metal and other materials, e.g. plastic parts, wood and furniture boards, glass and electrical and electronic components. We pack assembled products depending on the client's needs and requirements.



Custom design

As part of cooperation and subcontracting, we manufacture parts, accessories, components and finished products. We offer serial production as well as individual products. Thanks to experience in own production, we can offer a unique combination of knowledge and experience in the design and production of products for various industries. We support the entire production process: from design, through prototype execution, to assembly, packaging and dispatch of finished products.