Our brands

Lettero is a brand of professional products addressed primarily to the printing industry. It includes a technologically advanced series of Color Matching devices for professional color assessment in industry and ancillary equipment for printing. We also manufacture metal furniture under the Lettero brand. They are equipment for offices, schools, warehouses, libraries and many other institutions where functionality, security and durability of the solutions used are important.
The Lettero brand is known in the country and abroad.

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ALLHALL is exclusive furniture for the widely understood entrance space: hallway, reception, hall and waiting room. All the time we are actively adjusting collections to the changing needs of customers, we are constantly looking for new solutions and unusual materials. ALLHALL furniture is the widest range of hall furniture not only on the Polish market. Our products allow free combination and give great opportunities for space arrangement. They are distinguished by: functionality, modern technological solutions, attractive, unique design and the highest quality materials.

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High-Q is a series of furniture and accessories inspired on the one hand by the influence of sophisticated Japanese art, and on the other continuing the best traditions of European modern applied art (De Stijl, Bauhaus, Praesens). Noble, polished steel, tempered glass and natural veneers in combination with an economical, almost ascetic design have given a series of unique objects from the highest designer shelf.

The very name of the series, which refers in a phonetic reading to the highest quality and aesthetic canons of haiku poetry, opens a space of associations for which any additional comments are unnecessary.

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przedpokoje.pl, the company's online store with furniture for the hall. Here you can quickly and conveniently order all Allhall collections targeted at individual customers. All current collections are on sale, new products appear here the fastest, and numerous promotions await those looking for bargains. In addition to sales, we also publish interior design tips, focusing obviously on the hallway. For several years of market presence, we have gained a large group of satisfied customers who recommend our brand.

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