We perform laser cutting services on the Salvagnini L3 Fiber Laser. This is a modern fiber laser, it is fast, accurate and has low energy requirements. Thanks to this, the sheet metal cutting services that we perform for our clients maintain high quality and attractive price. Custom sheet metal laser cutting can be a stand-alone service, but thanks to the capabilities of our factory, we can offer further processing of cut parts.

At the planning stage of the laser cutting service, we use professional technological programs that guarantee maximum use of the processed material. You can commission us to laser cut straight elements or freely programmable contours.

Benefits of using fiber optic technology in laser cutting:

  • low cutting costs, which leads to a competitive price for the customer,
  • repeatability of cut metal elements,
  • the ability to cut reflective materials,
  • cut surfaces without hail,
  • minimized amount of waste,
  • the possibility of cutting very small holes even in thick sheets.

We provide laser cutting services for the following types of metal sheets:

  • copper - up to 10 mm thick,
  • aluminum - up to 25 mm thick,
  • brass - up to 12 mm thick,
  • stainless steel - up to 25 mm thick,
  • black sheet metal - up to 25 mm thick.

The working area of our fiber laser is 1500x3000mm.

Take advantage of our offer. In order to commission us the laser cutting service, please send an e-mail to kooperacja@karon.eu with a drawing file or technical data to prepare technical documentation. We will price the service and determine the date of its implementation - we approach each order individually. After you accept the terms of service, we immediately start providing laser sheet cutting services so that the finished, high-quality product reaches your hands as soon as possible.