In our plant, we provide basic plastic processing services: such as cutting, milling and bending, but also hot air welding using Leister equipment. The parts made of plexiglass or PVC that we have prepared can be combined with the metal parts produced. In this way we guarantee that the details will match and the end product will be of high quality.

We provide our clients with professional support and advice at every stage of the contract - from design to obtaining the final product. We will optimize the production process to make it as effective as possible - so you can count on short delivery times for plastics processing services and competitive prices. Our machining technology includes rigorous quality controls of manufactured parts.

In our machine park there are devices enabling almost any type of plastic processing. You can entrust us with the milling, turning or grinding service. We will also provide bending, stamping and threading services for you. The products we supply are characterized by precision and repeatable quality.

We provide plastics processing services for the following types of materials:

  • polyurethane (PUR and PU),
  • polyetherimide (PEI),
  • polyether ether ketone (PEEK),
  • polyacetal (POM),
  • poly (tetrafluoroethylene) - PTFE, Teflon,
  • polypropylene (PP),
  • polyethylene (PE),
  • polyamide,
  • poly (vinylidene fluoride) - PVDF,
  • polycarbonate (PC),
  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC),
  • tekstolit.

We carry out serial and unit orders. Write to us: Tell us your project or idea. Together we will discuss the possibilities of the order, will provide a quote and deadlines.