The use of the Finn Power turret press for punching sheet metal increases our productivity. The large number of tools available, the simultaneous installation of many tools and the saving of time needed to change the machine allows you to make simple and more complex parts quickly and cheaply. For our customers, this means lower costs and shorter lead times, as well as the ability to complete virtually any order.

Turret punching is recommended especially where it is possible to stamp a large number of holes or other repetitive shapes. The stable and rigid handle of the turret press guarantees accuracy and precision of positioning also at high speed and acceleration throughout the entire working area. Our team of operators and conservators makes sure that the machine maintains invariable parameters translating into the quality of manufactured elements.

We offer the following services:

  • cutting
  • bending,
  • threading,
  • nibbling,
  • pumping,
  • punching,
  • marking.

We offer punching with a turret press for the following types of materials:

  • black sheet metal - up to 8 mm thick,
  • galvanized steel sheet - up to 8 mm thick,
  • coated sheet - up to 8 mm thick,
  • stainless steel - up to 6 mm thick.

We provide services on our own and entrusted material in the format 1250x2500mm. The metal elements prepared by us are properly secured against shipping so that your company receives an undamaged, high-quality product.

Write to us: we will answer all your questions, we will prepare a quote for your order in a short time, we will advise you on the selection of the most suitable metal processing method. We believe that once the order entrusted to us will result in long-term cooperation.