Our offer could not miss a cold metal joining service. In the production process we use radial riveting technology and connection with blind rivets and rivets. Connections made in this way are durable, economical and aesthetic, they enable joining various materials together. Depending on the needs, riveting is performed using different types of rivets: sleeve or shank rivets. We perform this cold joining service on virtually any type of sheet metal - galvanized, black, varnished and others - in the range of 0.5-20 mm.

As part of cold joining, we also offer galvanized sheet clinching service to our clients. This method does not require the use of an additional fastener. It is safe for treated surfaces - it does not cause damage. It also allows for repetitive elements.

Feel free to contact: kooperacja@karon.eu - we will answer your questions about the cold joining services we provide, we will quote and inform you about the deadlines. You can commission us serial and unit production.