We are constantly developing, modernizing our machine park and increasing production capacity. Therefore, our plant could not miss a device combining the possibilities of laser cutting with a punching machine. The use of modern equipment in combo technology allows you to use all the advantages of laser cutting and punching, which translates into high quality and speed of production.

We offer our clients a full range of works related to sheet metal forming. You can entrust us with cutting, bending, stamping and punching metal. CNC machining is characterized by high quality and precision of manufactured elements, repeatability, reduction of waste generation, and thus - expenses, precision and no changes in the processed element.

The production technology is always adjusted to your order, which allows you to choose the most ergonomic and optimal materials and processing methods. This, in turn, leads to shortening the delivery time and minimizing costs while maintaining high quality of services.

Many companies from Poland and abroad from various industries cooperate with us and value us for our individual approach to the client, professionalism and reliability. Join them! Write to us: kooperacja@karon.eu and find out that we are a trustworthy partner for your business. We will answer your questions, advise on the selection of appropriate technology, price a service and set a delivery date.