As part of cooperation and subcontracting, we manufacture parts, accessories, components and finished products. We offer serial production as well as individual products. Thanks to experience in own production, we can offer a unique combination of knowledge and experience in the design and production of products for various industries. We support the entire production process: from design, through prototype execution, to assembly, packaging and dispatch of finished products.

On the "DEDICATED REALIZATIONS" page, you can find out about our selected projects to date. We specialize in providing services for the printing, furniture and industry. Our implementations include metal bodies and casings for machines, industrial washers, advertising stands or metal fronts and accessories for furniture cut, bent and pressed into any shape. Public institutions such as libraries, offices, courts, archives and universities that are interested in our offer come to us more and more often. In addition to carrying out orders for constructions such as metal enclosures for fire protection cabinets, metal shelves and cabinets for storing and archiving documents, we undertake the production and furnishing of public spaces with folding seats - strapontines. It is an ideal solution for waiting rooms, reception rooms as well as auditoriums and showrooms.

We undertake orders for the implementation of even the most unusual elements and structures. Our team of qualified technologists, engineers and operators at every stage of production provides advice, constantly checks the quality of manufactured elements and ensures timely performance of the service, which makes us a reliable partner for your business.

Feel free to contact us: We will gladly answer all your questions, estimate the cost of the service and determine the time of its implementation.