We are ready for production based on technical documentation received from the customer. We can also design the product from scratch. Our engineers, constructors and technologists help transform the client's idea into a ready project. We make technical documentation necessary in the production process. Then we prepare a prototype.

Prototyping is an important activity when planning production. Product simulation allows you to reduce the cost of its implementation by testing its functionality without involving large funds. The prototyping service also gives us the opportunity to early detect any errors in the design and correct them. We make prototypes for mass production and low-volume production of finished products.

After completing the design and prototyping service, we can start production. Take advantage of our extensive offer of metalworking.

As part of the design and prototyping service, we provide:

  • professional and individual approach to the client,
  • expert advice,
  • production based on the technical documentation provided or prepared by us,
  • monitoring and optimizing the work of people and machines translating into short delivery times, production accuracy and the lowest possible waste generation,
  • competitive prices.

We have over twenty-six years of experience behind us and an individual approach to each client. Please contact: kooperacja@karon.eu. We will evaluate the design and prototyping service, determine the time of its implementation. Present us your idea and we will deal with its implementation. We can also offer you comprehensive service - from design, through prototyping, to the implementation of the finished product.