Our welding capabilities include TIG, MIG / MAG, MMA and gas welding with the 311 method. We weld: all types of steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel alloys. We offer spot, butt and line welding of elements from most types of steel. After welding, we also process joined surfaces - grinding and polishing.

At the customer's request, we also provide a vibratory stress relief service. Exposing the material to resonance vibrations helps to minimize the risk of changes in dimensions during further processing of the metal element or its end use. This is a relatively quick way to get rid of residual stresses from metal parts created after welding. We vibrate almost all types of structural metals previously subjected to heat treatment.

Write to us: kooperacja@karon.eu - we will send you a detailed offer including the valuation and date of service. We will professionally advise you which service will be most beneficial for the fulfillment of your order. Competitive prices, reliability, high quality and short deadlines mean that we can boast of a wide range of permanent business partners in Poland. Join them!